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    Dig is the new, seriously heavily marketed, conspiracy show premiering on the USA Network tonight, Thursday March 5 at 10 pm Eastern and Pacific; 9 pm Central time. If you're a fan of other shows on the USA Network, you've no doubt seen the promotions for this religious thriller, interrupting your current programming with glitchy symbology and extended sneak peaks during what seems to be almost every commercial break. That being said, I didn't really mind it during The Mummy series marathon this past weekend, and I'm excited to watch the pilot of what is being pitched as a 10 episode event series, with a mix of Indiana Jones meets Homeland. I honestly hope it delivers, despite my concerns that it'll take itself too seriously and run amok with some outrageous incoherent plot, weaving together plot lines covering optimal demographics in an apocalyptic acid trip. But like so many other shows that I've lost momentum on watching, I'll give it a chance for at least 2-3 episodes.

    Based on the teaser footage, there's strong chemistry between leads Jason Isaacs and Anne Heche, as FBI agents investigating the murder of a US citizen in Jerusalem. And a mystery girl (Alison Sudol) with pink hair that reminds me of Milla Jovavich's character Leeloo in The Fifth Element, leads the intrigue as the mediary between order and chaos, as we question the stability and sanity of Isaac's character. I don't see Heche or Isaacs pulling in enough viewers on name alone, so I certainly hope the writing and production hit it out of park. With veteran creators that were involved in Heroes and Homeland, there's a strong chance the chase scenes will be at least a B+ grade. I also hope they figure out how to bring in younger viewers, because based on the casting I've seen thus far, they are mostly attracting the over 30 crowd.

    Overall, I'm crossing my fingers for a Jason Bourne style Da Vinci Code and I'll drink a few beers beforehand so I don't notice the plot holes. Now if I got any of this info wrong, too bad, I didn't want to spoil it for myself. Go watch the pilot and I'll report back if it's either good enough to merit praise or crappy enough to rail on. Over and out.

    The Threat is Real. Geek Threat.

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